Mourinho: Lucky Man City

AdminFebruary 13, 2021

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho admits he lives in a ‘different reality’ than Pep Guardiola – as Manchester City are the club that want all the titles.

The trophy series winners along with Porto, Chelsea, Inter, Real Madrid and Manchester United, Mourinho still failed to present the championship for Spurs.

They may end the wait in the final of the EFL Cup in April, where the rehearsal match will take place tonight when Tottenham meet City at the Etihad Stadium.

But City, who face accusations from their rival fans for spending big, will be seen as the team of choice.

When asked about the huge sums of money spent by Guardiola at City and Jurgen Klopp at Liverpool to get only defenders, Mourinho’s saw them as very lucky.

“They are with a club that wants to win everything and win all you need the best players in every position,” said Mourinho.

“Team is like a puzzle. If Pep feels there is when he needs to spend for defense, it means he needs it and Jurgen also feels the same way about [Virgil] Van Dijk, and when Van Dijk is not enough they get Alisson.

“I think that’s the thing big clubs with an incredible economy, they do. Luckily for them, good for them.”