Arsenal Ready Without Aubameyang

AdminJanuary 31, 2021

LONDON: Mikel Arteta insists Arsenal are no longer in danger when Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is sidelined.

Gunners captain Aubameyang missed two previous matches, both against Southampton while explaining on social media it was due to his mother having “health issues.”

The Gabonese striker is not expected to return to Arsenal in the Premier League match against Manchester United early tomorrow morning.

But while Arteta’s squad has not lost in the last six games of the league, losing Aubameyang is no longer something that poses a big threat as before.

Arteta feels that more of his players have increased which ensures that the loss of the captain does not weaken them.

“That is something we have improved dramatically,” he said when asked if he was no longer overly dependent on Aubameyang.

“If you want to compete with this reliable team of the league, just relying on one player is not enough and it can not last long.

“But we are aware of the importance of Auba and his network as well as his contribution to the team. The more we have it, the stronger we will be.”