Arteta: Arsenal Face Crisis Of Confidence

AdminDecember 22, 2020

Mikel Arteta believes the lack of confidence is an insurmountable obstacle for Arsenal as they continue to slide down the English Premier League (EPL).

The 13-time champion is currently in 15th place in the league, only four points different from the bottom three teams, and has failed to win any seven league games after the latest, losing to Everton.

Arteta believes Arsenal have the fighters to change the fate of the season, but ‘some of them can doubt it at any time’.

Lack of threat when looking for a goal is a concern, with The Gunners dominating the game but failing to generate chances.

Arsenal only scored 12 goals in league competition – two of them on penalties – and finished 17th for the number of goals scored.

“I feel it has to do with confidence,” Arteta said. “When you are in a [confident] atmosphere, when you release a shot, the ball will go into the net.

“When it doesn’t happen, you think about it too much or sometimes you are unlucky. These are the moments you have to go through. It’s hard to explain.

“What has kept the team performing better over the last few seasons has been the number of goals scored

“Now we fail to do that, there is a huge gap and a lot of eye loss.

“We need to change immediately and find a way to score even if the chances don’t seem clear.”