Aubameyang Explained The Real Issue

AdminJanuary 18, 2022

LONDON: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has finally spoken out following his early repatriation from international duty with Gabon at the African Nations Cup.

The 32-year-old striker contracted COVID-19 before joining the Gabonese national squad in Cameroon and did not play in the tournament.

The Gabonese Football Association claims they found Aubameyang to have health problems (cardiac lesions) while in the process of recovery.

However Aubameyang assured the Arsenal medical team that he was fit and training as usual.

Aubameyang will return to Arsenal for testing after he – along with former Southampton midfielder Mario Lemina – was sent home by Gabonese manager Patrice Neveu.

“Based on the health problems they were experiencing, with the consent of the doctors, the federal president and the players, we decided to send them back to the club for further monitoring.

“There are no concerns about heart problems but we don’t have the expertise here to assess the effects of the inflammation.

“We can’t take risks, and it’s psychologically difficult for them to stay in their respective rooms. So we decided to send them home,” Neveu said.

Aubameyang and Lemina were seen partying in Dubai before the tournament, days before the Arsenal star tested positive for COVID-19.

Rumors began to spread on social media that the couple was involved in other disciplinary issues before being deported.

But Aubameyang appeared to explain on social media about the real situation.

“We have a complicated (health) problem to solve and we have to take care of our health. Then came the false rumor that I don’t want to play. I hope our team will progress as far as possible,” Aubameyang said.