Belgian Select France, England

AdminJune 12, 2021

BRUSSELS: Jan Vertonghen and Dries Mertens, two of the most experienced players in the Belgian squad, say their team, which currently occupies the world’s top rankings, is not the team of choice at Euro 2020.

Vertonghen, amassed Belgium’s most caps in 127 appearances, and Mertens, who has represented the country 98 times, each put France and England as the teams of choice at this time’s tournament.

“I don’t see us as the main options, but the gap is not too big. For me the main options are France and England.

“But I realize we can beat any country. We’ve beaten England a few times and we can do the same to France.

“I don’t think any country wants to play against us. The world first rankings show that we are at the top but we are not the top pick,” said Vertonghen, 34.

Mertens said: “I see world champions France as the top choice. It was followed by England and Italy, then ours.”

Mertens also disagreed that the Belgian squad to the Euros this time is stronger than the 2018 World Cup squad where they finished third.

The disappointment of failing to win the World Cup in Russia made Belgium even more eager to ensure the European Championship became theirs.

Belgium begin their Group B campaign against Russia in St Petersburg tomorrow before meeting Denmark and Finland.