Rashford Received Racist Remarks

AdminMay 27, 2021

LONDON: Marcus Rashford says he received racist criticism on social media after Manchester United’s defeat in the Europa Cup final.

The 23-year-old had previously been the victim of attacks on social media, saying he received “at least 70 racist insults” after United’s penalty shootout defeat to Villarreal in Gdansk earlier this morning.

United, who lost 11-10 on penalties later via Twitter said their players received “embarrassing racist criticism.”

“At least 70 racist insults have been directed at my social accounts so far,” Rashford said on Twitter. “For those who are trying to make me feel worse than I’ve ever felt, try again.

“I’m braver than someone who puts a lot of monkey emojis on DM, he’s a teacher with an open profile. He teaches kids !! And knows he can freely do it without thinking about the consequences …”

Last month England football, along with other sports sponsors, came together for four days to urge companies to take a firm stand on racial issues.