Ronaldo Makes Gosens Embarrassed

AdminApril 6, 2021

TURIN: Cristiano Ronaldo put Atalanta star Robin Gosens in a state of ‘shame’ when he refused to change jerseys.

The Germany international described it as ’embarrassing’ when he saw the moment his ‘dream’ shattered.

Gosens, 26, turned Ronaldo into an idol until he was desperate to get the ‘No7’ jersey when he had the chance to face the five -time Ballon d’Or winner after joining Juventus in 2018.

Yet, what should have been a sweet moment in his career suddenly turned into a nightmare that still haunts the left-back to this day.

In his biography ‘Dreams Are Worthently’, the Atalanta player wrote: “After the game against Juventus, I tried to fulfill my dream of owning a Ronaldo jersey.

“After the finishing whistle, I approached him, though never went openly to celebrate. I asked, ‘Cristiano, can I get your jersey?’

“He without looking at me, just said, ‘No!’. I was really stunned and embarrassed. I passed away and felt very dwarfed,” he said.