Simeone Refused To Hand-shake Klopp Again

AdminNovember 5, 2021

LIVERPOOL: Diego Simeone refused to shake hands with Jurgen Klopp again after Atletico Madrid fell for the second time at the hands of Liverpool in the Champions League this morning.

Simeone previously caused a stir when he did not want to shake hands with Klopp following the 3-2 defeat by his men at home last month.

Simeone once again ignored his rivals at Anfield when his men lost for the second time in a row in Europe.

After the match, Klopp recalled the incident that broke out at Wanda Metropolitano and said ‘after the match in Madrid, I was also not happy with my reaction.’

“Making mistakes is not a problem … but we have to learn from it.

“I learned … if he doesn’t want to shake hands, that’s not a problem.

“I respect all sorts of things in this life. But I didn’t know in that moment – so that’s why I did what I was supposed to do.

“Now, everything is as calm as it should be.”

The Reds won 2-0 through first-half goals from Diogo Jota and Sadio Mane with Atletico defender Felipe being sent off.

The victory allowed Liverpool to advance to the top 16 as group champions with group action with two games left.